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The customer can buy only articles that are within the site  - www.polymerclay.it - and the purchase may be carried out only with the online order through the following passages:

Each article in the site shows the button "Add to cart"

  1. Add the product to cart

  2. Visualize page with the detail of cart, where is possible to modify the quantity, by eliminating the sampled product or to continue shopping by selecting other products.

  3. Completed the cart select the voice "Show the cart" and carry out the order

  4. Insert the name and data of shipping and eventual notes using the space provided.

The correct receipt of the order is confirmed by Sacripao Srl through an answer by email, sent to the elettronic email address said by the customer communicated by the customer. The message of confirmation will show:

  1. Date and time of esecution of the order,

  2. an 'Order Number',

To be used in each further communication.

The message reiterates all data inserted by the customer that undertakes to verify the correctness and to comunicate promptly eventual correction, according to the way described in this document.

There are no limits related to minimum ordering quantities(except for the withdrawal to the store) unless otherwise specified.

Upon first order are requested also data of invoicing.

In the next orders will be enough type e-mail and password.

All informations of support to purchases present on the site shall be read as a simple generic information material, not referable to the real characteristics of a singular product.

Prices and articles exposed refer only for the online purchase on the site www.polymerclay.it and may differ from prices and/or promo of the shop.
Sacripao Srl reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to accept the order.

 Prices displayed are all including VAT.



Times, costs and modalities of delivery


For the emission of the invoice, shall be authentic informations given by the customer to the action of the order.Any variation in the invoice will be possible, after the emission of itself.
The payment of the goodsby the customer will take place by using the modality selected to the action of the order.
To the action of purchase will be emit a bill of shipping with the detail of the sent articles and to the address indicated he/she will receive in annex the invoice of purchase.
No, the price of our products does not include any duties . In most countries out of UE, you have to pay taxes or duties on imported goods. Sometimes goods under a certain value, or in certain categories, do not incur taxes. The rules are different in every country. Unfortunately there is no way for us to know the rules, regulations, customs, traditions, practices, loopholes, schemes, systems, paperwork, codes, laws, or rulings of every single country. Therefore, we cannot, and will not, offer advice about taxes in your country. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to find out that information before you order. If you have to pay import taxes and/or additional duties and sales taxes, then you would have to pay that to the courier upon receipt of the package(s). We can't calculate this for you and there is no way to pre-pay it. If you are drop-shipping or sending a gift item to someone, please make sure they are aware of the possibility of having to pay taxes when receiving the goods


Delivery costs

Independently from the type of payment chosen, sacripaosrl will send the goods with DHL-SDA or equivalent.
Ours is a choice of simplicity that it makes convenient to purchase more products with the same order. Costs of shipping are the cost of a service: the service that brings to your house our products that otherwise you should look for to expense of your time. With discounts and prices that we offer to you, however, we try to make your dvantageous purchase although cost of shipping.
Costs of shipping aren’t included in the price of the product and involve as a rule an additional cost.These costs are susceptible, however, of variations based on volume, weight and place of delivery.


Withdrawal to the shop

In case of withdrawal to the shop it needs to wait the mail of  "Prompt for the withdrawal to the shop", at that point the goods will be available to the withdrawal for five days.Thereafter without communications the goods will be delayed to the stock and the order cancelled.














50,00 85,00 129,00




66,00 115,00 170,00




108,00 185,00 293,00




116,00 197,00 315,00




120,00 206,00 325,00




146,00 262,00 449,00




72,00 129,00 182,00

















  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

  • France
  • Monaco
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Malta
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Sweden
  • Canary Islands
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Afghanistan
  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia and Herzegowina
  • Bulgaria
  • Cyprus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova, Republic of
  • Montenegro
  • Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Albania
  • Algeria
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Gibraltar
  • India
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Mauritania
  • Morocco
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • Russian Federation
  • Rwanda
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Yemen
  • Canada
  • Anguilla
  • Bangladesh
  • Bolivia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Georgia
  • Venezuela
  • Uganda
  • Zimbabwe
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Paraguay
  • Peru

  • United States


 At the moment importation is blocked in some countries outside the EU and it will not be possible to ship (Russia). If your country falls within these limitations you will be contacted within 2 days, canceled the order and confirmed.


Countersign in UE

It’s not possible to pay in countersign out of Italy

Delivery Times
For delivery times of products is authentichow much mentioned during the compilation of the order which is of the selection of the single product, and in every case, the order, the costs and the necessary times, they depend on the availability of the products in our store. If the ordered products are available in our store, the time of delivery it’s between the  48 and 96 hours for UE.

**Saturday, Sunday and in the festivities, the messenger doesn't effect the deliveries. In that case, the delivery is deferred to a following day. If the ordered products are not available in our store the time of delivery it will be of 12-15 working days. The products can have different availability (product A immediately available, product B unavailable); if in your order you insert available products in different times, that available attends in the store the arrival of that unavailable. If the attended extends itself over the expectation, Sacripaosrl will contact you to communicate you the times of the delivery.


Damaged Package

If at the moment of the delivery the package comes broken, damaged or with evident signs of tampering, as the opening of the package, the presence of different adhesive ribbon from that of Sacripaosrl, if the client intends to accept equally the package must warn on the moment the messenger of the fact and to sign, however, the letter of car, adding the wording "I Accept With Reserve Of Control."

If, subsequently to the opening of the neck, anomalies or damages were found, the client must signal what happened with a fax to the local center of the messenger and to Sacripao Srl to the +39062590279 exclusively to the goals of knowledge.

For eventual doubts or questions, we invite you to contact us by mobile phone to the number+39.06.2590279



Straight of Recess

To the senses of the D. Lgs. 22nd of May 1999, n. 185 (in Gazz. Uff., 21st of June, n. 143. Realization of the directive 9l/l/CE related to the protection of the consumers in subject of contracts to distance, are excluded by the exercise of the right of recess the subjects not consumers, it is worth to those people to say that you/they act for purposes that refer to their professional activity, you purchase him effected by retailers, from firms etc. The client has the right to recede from the contract within 14 working days, elapsing from the day of reception of goods.The consumer is a physical person that purchases the goods for non referable purposes to his/her own professional activity, or you/he/she doesn't effect the purchase pointing out in the form of order a reference of  IVA, infact, to the senses of the art. 5 DL 185/99, the client has the right to recede from the contract of purchase for any motive, without necessity to furnish explanations and without any penalty, done except as suitable to the following point. The right of recess practices itself through the dispatch of a communication written to Sacripaosrl, Castelforte street 45/47, 00171 Rome (Rm) within the aforesaid term of 10 days, through recommended letter with notice of reception. The communication can also be sent to the number of fax 06.2590279 – by condition that is confirmed then within the following 48 hours through recommended letter with notice of reception. The right is applied to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to only practice recess on a part of the purchased product, besides, purchased good must be entire and returned in the original wrapping, complete in all of its parts (included package, eventual documentation and endowment: manuals, etc...); In case of exercise of the right of recess, the client is kept to return all the articles related to the order, complete of all of their parts, new and not used, in their original packages. To norm of the article 5, III com. of the D. Lgs. 185/99, in case of material sealed computer software, the opening of the same excludes the possibility to practice  the right of recess. For use that right, the client have to communicate the following data:

  1. invoice number or number of the accompanying document;

  2. in case of partial recess, code of article/s ;

  3. banking coordinates on which to get the money (Cod. ABI - CAB – bank account of the owner of the invoice).

Once reached the aforesaid communication of recess, the Sacripaosrl will quickly handle to communicate to the client the modalities of restitution of the goods that must happen within the following 48 hours. The expenses of reentry of the product are to load of the buyer. Within 14 days from the reception of the commodity, Sacripaosrl will handle the reimbursement of the sums poured by the client, excluded the shipping and handling, according to the following formalities: bank transfer. Kind clientele is invited to practice the right of alone recess if conditions allow him/it; therefore, in the case in which the right of recess is not applicable, the withdrawal of the goods near Sacripaosrl is edited by the client. To limit damages to the original wrapping, we recommend, when it is possible, to insert it in an another box,it must be avoided in all the cases the apposition of labels or adhesive ribbons on the original wrapping of the product; the Sacripaosrl is not kept to answer in any way for damages or theft / dismay of goods returned with shipping not insured; In case of damage of the rhesus during the transport, Sacripaosrl will give news of it to the client within 5 working days to put him/it in the condition to stick out report towards the forwarder and to get the reimbursement of the value of the good, if assured; in this case, the product will have made of the client for its restitution available and contextually its application of recess will be annulled. Sacripaosrl, doesn't respond besides for the damages, theft and dismay of the products returned with shipping not assured.
Testo del DecretoLegislativo n.185 del 22/05/99


Modalities of payment

Modalities of payment

The client can buy only the articles that are in the site.
All the information of support to the purchase in the site are to intend as simple informative generic material, not referable to real characteristicsof a single product.
The correct receipt of the order is confirmed by sacripaosrl through an answer by email, sent to the address of elettronic mail communicated by the client. The message of confirmation will say:

date and hour of execution of the order;
A “Number of Order”, to use it for eventual communication.
The message contains all the data inserted by the consumer that undertakes him/herself to verify the correctness and to communicate eventual corrections, by the modalities described in this document.Limits related to the least of order if not otherwise specified don’t exist. For the emission of the invoice, they do faith information furnished by the client to the action of the order. Any variation in the invoice will be possible after the emission of the same one. The payment of the goods by the client will happen using the chosen modality to the action of the order. After having received the confirmation of the real availability of the good and the relative amount, included purchases of shipping, it is possible progress to the payment through one of the following forms:

a)Payment with credit card
Contextually to the conclusion of the online transaction, the banking institute of reference will provide to authorize the amount related to the effected purchase. The goods will be escaped only after  happened confirmation of the payment from the banking institute. In case of annulment of the order, by the client, will be askedfor the total or partial annulment of the transaction. In any moment of the procedure of purchase, the Sacripaosrl, is able to know information related to the credit card of the buyer. In any case the Sacripaosrl can be held then responsible for eventual fraudulent and undue use of credit cards from third, to the action of the payment of products purchased on our site.

b)Payment withPaypal
Contextually to the conclusion of the online transaction, Paypal will provide to authorize the amount related to the effected purchase. The goods will be escaped only after happened confirmation of the payment fromPaypal.
In case of annulment of the order, by the client, will be asked for the total or partial annulment of the transaction. In any moment of the procedure of purchase, the Sacripaosrl, is able to know information related to the credit card of the buyer. In any case the Sacripaosrl can be held then responsible for eventual fraudulent and undue use of credit cards from third, to the action of the payment of products purchased on our site.

c)Anticipated Bank Transfer
The bank transfer must be effected before the shipping of the goods.
The banking coordinatesto effect the transfer, they will be communicated to you after  having effected the order.
Bank Ag. ................... (Rm) ABI .... CAB ..... C/C ........... headed toSacripaosrl
How much ordered by the client you/he/she will be maintained busy until  the reception of the test of happened transfer, to send itself to addresses communicated at the moment the confirmation of the order by fax or e-mail within and not over 2 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. The dispatch than orderly it will happen only to the action of the strength credit of the due sum on the c/c communicated that you/he/she must happen within 7 working days from the date of acceptance of the order. You go beyond such expirations, the order will automatically be held annulled.

Now is possible to pay also in countersign with a supplement of  € 4,90 only if is chosen BRT as messenger.The supplement for the countersign is also due if the right is had to the free consignment.   

Safety of payment

The safety of the on-line transaction, through credit card, it is guaranteed from the system of payment for the electronic commerce, Paypal and BNL Paribas, developed by the Italian banking association and that it allows to effect purchases on Internet in full safety. Nobody can beaccessed. For every problem, necessity, information is possible to contact the commercial office in the following time:from Monday to Friday, hours  9:00 - 12:30; Tel. 06.2590279 - Fax 06.2590279.


Guarantees and modalities of assistance

The Sacripaosrl specify that:

  1. The guarantee is generally provided by the manufacturer of the products sold.

  2. It is not resposible of the goods during the transport.

  3. anyway, guarantees on all the products purchased online.


Steps of preparation for the shipping of the ordered goods:

  1. It’s checked if the goods are intacts,

  2. Complete of all its parts,

  3. Withoutanyvisibledefects.

  4. In addition,  in order  to avoid the good is damaged during the transport, the same one is inserted in boxes for the shipment,enveloping all the materials with shockproof plastic. 

Delivery of the goods:

Sacripaosrl is not responsible of the goods during the transport.For this we recommend to you to control carefully the package to the action of delivery.If the surface of the box had to introduce some irregularities or breakups you must write on the bead of delivery "I Accept with reserve of control." This way doing you will be refunded completely in the case the commodity results damaged. The guarantee of the product is not valid, if the material results tampered from personal not authorized, or if the breakdowns or breakups are due from carelessness, bad use from the client, bumps, falls, malice, transport, damp and other non-dependent causes from defects of manufacture or production.

Application of the guarantee
In the case the intervention of Sacripaosrl is necessary, the same one will collaborate to the phases of return and of the management of the rhesusin guarantee by the compilation from the client of a special form of application, to get a number of authorization to reentry of the product.
The guarantee of the product is always valid, however there are some cases in which the guarantee is not applicable: material tampered with, breakdowns or breakups owed by carelessness, bad use of the client, bumps, falls.

For use the guarantee, the product to be made must be send in his original package, complete of all the parts, inclusive those not working. Insofar recommend him to preserve all the boxes and all the materials that you have received together with the ordered good. The cost of  shipping and handling of the defective good are to load of the buyer, while the Sacripaosrl will handle the expenses of the dispatch of the sheltered or replaced good.

In the case in which the returned good perfectly results working and the defect or the malfunction doesn't depend on a defect of manufactureSacripaosrl will provide to re-send the same to expenses of the client. Modalities of application and the relevant legislation of the guarantee are those pointed out by the producer in the certificate enclosure to the product and, in the case of guaranteed products.

If  you desire to receive further information on the guarantee of the product, one of our operator it is to your disposition to the number+39.06.2590279 (from the Monday to the Friday from 9.00 to 13.00).